What are the pros and cons of compiling data about customers and their shopping habits

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What are the pros and cons of compiling data about customers and their shopping habits

Some methods prevail and bolster sales, whereas other methods produce minimal results. Research is a key to determining the best promotional or advertising strategy.

Several tools can help an owner assess the market, including data driven market research. Purpose of Data Driven Market Research Data driven market research provides business owners, managers and employers with a snapshot of customer buying habits.

Recognizing buying trends helps these companies tailor their marketing and sales strategy to the consumer, which ultimately results in higher sales. This method of market research involves collecting data on consumers, then using this information to develop competitive marketing strategies and promotions.

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Data driven market research aims to collect personal information on buyers, such as their ages, birthdays, marital status and income levels. This gives business owners a better understanding of their clients, and helps owners access the needs, wants and expectations of their customers.

Ways to Collect Data Collecting and compiling data on customers for market research requires creative measures. Asking a series of questions at the checkout might annoy or offend some customers. Business owners and managers who use creative methods are likely to collect the most information on their customers.

What are the pros and cons of compiling data about customers and their shopping habits

Customers are likely to participate because supplying this information typically opens the door to promotional offers. Pros of Data Driven Market Research Data driven research helps improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns. Understanding the wants and needs of customers helps owners and managers construct a sustainable marketing strategy, which is essential to maintaining a strong customer base.


This opens the door to predicting future habits, and gives owners and managers the opportunity to understand factors that impact buying decisions. Employees may enter data inaccurately, and some customers will refuse to supply their personal information or data.

In addition, data driven market research focuses primarily on retaining past and present customers and collects data from this target group.

What are the pros and cons of compiling data about customers and their shopping habits

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