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Ken Senar remembers him: He and Bunny his wife may have had two children, but I can't be that certain. They lived in married quarters just outside the main gate.

Single party jever

Looking at a page of the national census for England and Wales listing families living in the 20th Hussars' cavalry barracks in Aldershot, for example, reveals that the daughters of one family, respectively aged three and two, were born in Cairo, Egypt, and Norwich, England, places to which their sergeant father had been deployed, accompanied by their 'on-the-strength' mother.

The birthplaces of army children born between the wars, if not in India and other sunny stations, are likely to be those camps and garrisons where the British Army retained permanent bases and still dosuch Single party jever Catterick, Aldershot, Colchester, Tidworth and Bulford.

If the civilian aspects of life outside barracks, camps and garrisons such as the climate, the language or dialect spoken and the currency Single party jever can change with bewildering frequency often within a matter of months, but more usually within the space of a year or two the touchstones of army children's immediate environment 'within the wire' typically remain reassuringly constant.

Over the centuries, the ways in which the British Army has catered for the families of its serving soldiers have gradually expanded from being limited to providing accommodation and schooling to supplying spiritual, community, practical and personal support and advice, courtesy of the chaplains, what is today known as the Army Welfare Service AWS and affiliated charitable bodies like the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association SSAFA Forces Help.

And when abroad, the challenge of living in an alien culture may additionally be cushioned by, for instance, the availability of certain familiar British products and foods stocked by the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes NAAFI ; medical and dental treatment and care; and, thanks to the British Forces Broadcasting Service BFBSBritish television and radio programmes.

While the first image shows a line-up of army wives and children presenting themselves for a medical inspection and, by the look of it, a dose of some sort of 'tonic' before setting sail — probably for India — the second depicts a wife whose marriage had taken place without the army's permission standing bereft with her two children on the quayside as the troopship carrying her husband and their father sails away.

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Both of these scenes are taken from "Tommy Atkins" Married — Past and Present, a composite print that was first published in The Graphic on 12 January click here to see it. Left Behind on the Departure of the Regiment'. Created using watercolour, pen and black ink and graphite on thick, moderately textured, cream wove paper, it is now part of the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

Written on a fragment of the original mount is the following inscription: British soldiers were stationed at the camp following its establishment in untiland it was home to many of their families, too. Newcastle Barracks was established on the instigation of Major General William Gomm in Jamaica's Blue Mountains inmainly because, at around 1, metres 3, feet above sea level, its hillside location was considered healthier than that of Kingston, where the British were prone to succumbing to yellow fever.

My house was full of sufferers - officers, their wives and children. It was a terrible thing to see young people in the youth and bloom of life suddenly stricken down, not in battle with an enemy that threatened their country, but in vain contest with a climate that refused to adopt them.

Indeed, the mother country pays a dear price for the possession of her colonies. The years in between saw her family posted to Aldershot, Hampshire, between and ; the Isle of Wight —28 ; Jamaica —30 ; Wei-Hai-Wei today called Weihainorth-eastern China —32, and click here for Mairi's memories of travelling there inand see below for her description of living in Wei-Hai-Wei ; and Hong Kong —34, see below ; click here to read of her journey back to Scotland: In the account that follows, Mairi outlines the early years of her life as an army child, before recalling in evocative detail the two years that she and her family spent in Jamaica.

Single party jever

He became an instructor and was a good shot, competing at Bisley [Surrey]. He was wounded in what was then German East Africa. He returned to the Argylls and was stationed at the depot, Stirling Castle, when I was born. We moved to Aldershot, and then to the Isle of Wight, where I started school.

The 2nd Battalion was then assigned a "tour of overseas duty" and was posted to Jamaica. My mother, brother and I did not travel then, as my grandfather was ill, but followed in Maytravelling from Liverpool in the SS Orduna.

The camp was just outside Kingston, and during the hot season, it was almost too much to bear. Every so often, we were sent up to Newcastle, a hill station in the Blue Mountains.

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The steep road, with its hairpin bends, ended in the square formed by the church, the school, the orderly room and the NAAFI. There were steep paths up to the bungalows, and we had a donkey to help us get up and down them.

When we went to the shop, my mother led the donkey, I sat on its back, my little brother aged three was in one pannier and the other was for the shopping. It was a magical place, with palm trees and coffee plantations.

There were hummingbirds and mongooses, and it was so steep that one looked down on the roof of the house below. We would catch some fireflies, put them in a glass jar and eat our evening meal on the verandah by their light; then we would release them into the warm night again.

On one visit, we were struck by a hurricane. Sent home from school early, I helped put the shutters up on the windows, take in everything possible, tie down everything else — and then watched as my party dress was whipped off the line and disappeared!

Kingston was very different.single mainz, ludwigsfelde single party, single celle, single leaf hoya kerrii, single party halberstadt. This site covers the history of the RAF in Jever, Germany.

56th Field Artillery Brigade US Army, Europe & Seventh Army Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S.

Army in Germany from to If you have any stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me. Single party jever.

Single party jever

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Online-Eintragung zum . The endless blocks of flats in the Russian Sector were all very drab and painted in strange, pastel colours of green or beige or pink, one colour for each block, and looked very oppressive and bizarre, even to me.

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