Segmentation targeting and positioning of tvs motors

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Segmentation targeting and positioning of tvs motors

Market segmentation It is quite obvious that different consumers are willing to buy different goods.

Segmentation targeting and positioning of tvs motors

In order to meet these different needs, producers' organizations and organizations sellers seek to identify groups of consumers who are likely to respond positively to the products offered, and directing their marketing efforts primarily on these groups of consumers.

It is appropriate to recall the famous Pareto's law Act Such a strategy of market activity appears to be more effective. Market segmentation is a division into relatively distinct groups of consumers market segmentswhich may be targeted to different products and therefore require different marketing efforts.

Market segment - a group of consumers, characterized by the same type of reaction to a proposed set of products and marketing incentives. The first step in carrying out the segmentation is the selection criteria for segmentation.

We should make a distinction between the criteria of segmentation of consumer goods, industrial products, services, etc.

Although during the segmentation of different products could be partly used, and the same criteria, such as the amount of consumption. Thus, when the market segmentation of consumer goods using criteria such as geographic, demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic psychologicalbehavioral, etc.

Geographic segmentation - dividing the market into different geographical units: The use of this criterion is often the starting point of segmentation.

Geographical segments are typically easy to identify and measure necessary information is often available from secondary sources. In pure form, geographic segmentation is of limited use. It is most useful especially in the service sector, where the territorial identity plays an important role.

Demographic segmentation - dividing the market into groups based on characteristics such customers, such as: Demographic segments, as well as geographic usually easy to define and measure the required information is often available from secondary sources. This segmentation is typically done in conjunction with the use of other criteria, as one needs, for example, age group may vary among different groups.

However, some products have a pronounced focus on certain categories of people - for example, the cosmetics market is usually initially segmented into cosmetics for women, men and children.

Socio-economic segmentation involves dividing the consumers in terms of income, occupation, level of education.


Obviously, these criteria segmentation directly affect the needs of the individual and the possibility of meeting them. Sometimes these criteria relate to demographic criteria. Psychographic segmentation - dividing the market into different groups based on lifestyle or personality characteristics of the consumers.

Lifestyle characterized by what consumers spend their time as they rest in which homes and apartments live, what it represents the interior of their homes, what are their hobbies, etc.

For example, cigarette manufacturers are segmented by inveterate smokers, and especially the ordinary health-conscious. Individual characteristics consumers rather used as criteria segmentation when the product is similar competitors' products and individual needs of consumers are not detected when using other criteria segmentation.

For example, at one time car buyers "Ford" were described as "independent, impulsive, prone to change and self-confident.

Because psychographic criteria more difficult to measure than others segmentation criteria, they are often used to better understand consumer prosegmentirovannyh using other criteria.


Behavioral market segmentation involves dividing into groups based on characteristics such users as knowledge, relationships, character, or the reaction product using it. Here, by the ratio of mean stable, favorable or unfavorable evaluations, feelings and tendencies to act in relation to certain subjects and ideas, it strongly influences the behavior of buyers.

In accordance with this isolated segmentation: For example, orange juice abroad typically used for breakfast.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Related to Bikes Segment marketing A market segment consists of a group of customers who share a similar set of needs and wants.

The major segmentation variables—geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation.


For VIZIO, there is a two-way benefit: the prices of its TVs are comparatively lower than those from major manufacturers at electronics stores, and major manufacturers cannot participate as fully as they would like to at places like Costco.

asp notes - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Opportunity: o Innovations in technology to increase power o Exports market is yet to be properly exploited. o Hero Honda has excellent distribution through franchisees with dealers for its brand comprising of scooters and bikes.

o Hero Honda has models/products in almost every bike segment viz. o Hero Honda Splendor is considered as the. Marketing analysis: Segmentation and Positioning.

Conducting market segmentation and product positioning in the selected target market segments is the most important area of pre-planning of marketing analysis.. 1. Market segmentation.

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