Say no to plastic bags summary

Plastic bags are to the environment what a frenemy is to you. It may look quite useful, but with time it will only harm you and make bad things happen to you, they are vindictive. The environment needs natural space just like us to work properly, because of the so called development and modernization, it is already on the verge of losing its balance. There are not enough trees, villages are being transformed into cities, the population has increased, pollution knows no bounds and because of this sooner or later we will have to change our ways of living.

Say no to plastic bags summary

Say no to plastic bags summary

Carousel[ edit ] Creators of Gorillazmusician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlettbegan working on a new Gorillaz project in November called Carousel, [1] which evolved into Plastic Beach, the group's third studio album. Those were presented as by 'the Who' even though none of the members of the band were in the movies.

I don't think anyone from the Who was in Quadrophenia. But it's the same people working on it, that's the principle.

I can't say much about it yet but it's sort of like a film, but not with one narrative story. There's many stories, told around a bigger story, set to music, and done in live action, animation, all different styles, well So I'm not sure how it'll pan out, or even if it will happen.

But Damon's written around 70 songs for it, and I've got great plans for the visuals, but right now, at this moment, it's still just a really good idea.

That's a great place to come at when we come to another Gorillaz album.

Don’t Drink that water

It doesn't have to be animation and music". But then we had a moment where we had a new angle on it I'm gonna adapt them". Kano said "We weren't feeling great, the music was out of our comfort zone, it could have been a complete disaster".

He was sat down and given a banana, before waking up minutes later. The unreleased material is "some really out-there stuff, which hopefully will see the light of day at some point". Among these is a song Gorillaz wanted to record with Engelbert Humperdinck.

It's imagining Earth losing its gravitational pull and starting to fall". As it turned out, Humperdinck's manager had listened to the proposed selection and declined the offer for him without his knowing.

Humperdinck later stated in an interview that his manager declining the collaboration offer was "the most grievous sin ever committed", and that he would have gladly collaborated with the Gorillaz if he had known they asked.

We've made contact with Indian singer Asha Bhosle and I think it's definitely going to happen. I'll maybe duet with her; the song has these answering phrases". British garage rock band The Horrors were invited to play on the album after Albarn heard their album Primary Colours.

Great Garbage Patch | Stop Polluting Our Ocean

The latter, described by Rhys as "more of a night-time song, a three o'clock in the morning, speeding down the autobahn evading West German police-type track", does not feature on the album. Albarn had previously announced that musician Barry Gibb would feature on the album but Gibb did not turn up to any recording sessions.

Yukimi Nagano second from left also contributes vocals on "To Binge". According to The Times journalist Peter PaphidesPlastic Beach is a pop and concept album[24] while AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine said that "Damon's painstaking pancultural pop junk-mining" on the album posits hip hop with Britpop and "accentuates moody texture over pop hooks ".

People who watch X Factor might have some emotional connection to these things, this detritus that accompanies what seems to be the most important thing in people's eyes, the celebrity voyeurism.

And for the first time I saw the world in a new way. I've always felt, I'm trying to get across on this new record, the idea that plastic, we see it as being against nature but it's come out of nature.

We didn't create plastic, nature created plastic.

Say no to plastic bags summary

And just seeing the snakes like living in the warmth of decomposing plastic bags.My Plastic-free Life Think we can't live without plastic?

Think again. In I committed to stop buying any new plastic & I've almost succeeded! Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

See world news photos and videos at I used it once and then a couple years later I found the plastic around one of the locking pins was undergoing some kind of chemical reaction and warping, tightening around the locking pin so that it was almost too hard to open.

PLASTIC HAZARDS The hazards plastics pose are numerous. The land gets littered by plastic bag garbage presenting an ugly and unhygienic seen. The "Throw away culture" results in these bags finding their way in to the city drainage system, the resulting blockage cases inconvenience, difficult in maintaining the drainage with increased .

I love Starbucks. It’s my go-to spot for late-night study sessions. (The baristas know me by name, #embarrassing.) Last week I spied Starbucks new reusable plastic cups that sell for $1. It all has to do with those little numbers you see on plastic bottles.

A No. 1 and a No. 2 can be recycled together, but throw in a biodegradable bag – a No. 7 plastic – .

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