Problem solving following the nursing process nursing essay

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Problem solving following the nursing process nursing essay

Problem solving following the nursing process nursing essay

Re engineering Health Care How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the re engineering of health care? Choices such as whether to indulge in gossip breaching confidentiality or driving too fast on the highway are examples of these decisions.

Making good ethical and legal decisions in nursing management or leadership practice requires understanding of the underlying principles and incorporating that knowledge into the decision-making process.

Ethical decision-making is similar to other decision-making processes in that it requires the manager to gather information, identify the problem, generate alternatives, or select an alternative to implement, and evaluate the results.

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The difference in ethical decision-making depends on the identification of the ethical principles that guide the selection and expectations of the outcome. The principles underlying ethical decision-making include concepts that are familiar to practicing nurses. Is it best for the nurse to use specialized knowledge to make decisions for a patient paternalism or to support patients in making their own decisions autonomy?

Are there circumstances in which the need to benefit the majority of staff utility outweighs the need to treat everyone fairly justice? Is telling a white lie violating the principle of truth-telling justified when it is believed that the withholding of the truth will benefit the recipient beneficence?

Problem solving following the nursing process nursing essay

These are the competing obligations that create ethical dilemmas. Ethical decision-making requires the identification of competing principles as a part of describing the problem.

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Ethical frameworks and professional codes of ethics exist to assist the manager in ethical decision-making. Both frameworks and codes provide guidance in valuing one principle above another, but do not directly provide the solution. There are several ethical frameworks. Two commonly used frameworks are utilitarian-based and rights-based.

A utilitarian framework advocates selecting an alternative that will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of people, focusing on the projected outcome.

An example of using a utilitarian framework is the isolation of a patient with a communicable disease. A rights-based framework focuses on the process of decision-making and utilization of identified rights or entitlements. Professional codes of ethics have been published by several professional nursing organizations.

These codes generally support the principles of autonomy, justice, and beneficence, but they also acknowledge that there are times when competing obligations may require the nurse to select alternatives based on other principles.

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Ethical decision-making is also unique in that it often entails choosing among less than desirable alternatives. The outcome of the decision may not be judged as good but as better than other outcomes. When evaluating the outcome of ethical decision-making, reviewing the process used to make the decision is as important as the result Marquis and Huston, Legal Environment in Nursing Management Ethical frameworks and codes of ethics provide guidance for decision-making, but are not required.Final Outcome of the Problem-Solving Process Essay Assignment Paper The final outcome of the problem-solving process involves the ability to synthesize information in a clear and inclusive manner.

The goal of this phase of the process is to take many different data points and points of view and synthesize them into one clear plan of . Key Elements Of The Decision Making Process - Depending on the problem and the situation the need for more information and who needs to be involved can be determined to achieve a successful outcome for the problem solution stage.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec The aim of this assignment is to undertake a literature review of nursing handover and determine the effectiveness of nursing handover in improving patient care.

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Running head: NURSING PROCESS Nursing Process University of Phoenix Nursing Process In the field of nursing, the nursing process is a vital tool used to promote appropriate and effective nursing care to patients. The actual nursing process consists of five components, which are intermingled, and constantly adjusting or changing .

Nursing Essays - Personal Development Plan - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Re engineering Health Care How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the re engineering of health care?

Re engineering Health Care Introduction Decisions based on ethical and legal principles are common in a person’s life. Choices such as whether to indulge in gossip (breaching confidentiality) or driving too fast on the.

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