My pet cat

I used to have a very special pet, It is my lovely animal. He was a very cute cat.

My pet cat

When I was growing up there were always a cat around the house and sometimes kittens too. My brother and I used to love playing with the kittens, they were so cute and cuddly. Later on when I got married and we bought our first house, the first thing we did was to go out and My pet cat a kitten.

Her name was Kinky! She used to dash round the house and do cartwheels and her tail would go all kinky hence her name. My parents lived a 10 minute walk away and when we visited them we would always take Kinky with us. My husband just used to carry her in his arms and she seemed to love it.

When she got bigger we had to stop taking her. Some time later we decided to get another cat to keep Kinky company so we bought a male cat, he was white with black patches and a bit grumpy so we called him "Boss".

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I suppose it was only natural, she had been the centre of attention, getting all the fuss and now she had be unsurped by this "runty" little kitten! She looked at him with distain and sulked for days.

Boss was so small and his tail was really thin like a little pigs tail. I remember I lifted his tail to look at it and he gave a great big angry meow.

When he got a little older his tail did eventually become thick and bushy. We used to have all these little cat toys, a squeaky mouse, a plastic ball etc and used to try to get Boss to chase them and play.

He used to get hold of the ball in his mouth and walk around growling and after a while he got tired and went to sleep.

My pet cat

Kinky on the other hand would chase around and play for hours on end, even when she was an older cat. Boss was too young to be the father, he was still barely a kitten himself. She seemd to approve of her bed in the cupboard and started to sleep there.

Then one day when the birth was imminent, Kinky decided to stay outside for the night, nothing we could do would persuade her to come inside. We were worried but Kinky stubbonly refused to come in the house. Boss stayed outside too.

The next morning when we got up, just outside the backdoor, there was Kinky and 4 tiny kittens and sitting next to her looking like a proud father was Boss, watching over them all. Kinky gave a big purr of pride and I scooped her and the kittens up and put them in her bed under the stairs.

The kittens looked so cute - two black kittens with white markings, a beautiful marmalade kitten and a dark brown kitten with big panda eyes. When they were a bit older and starting to walk around, we feel in love with them and wanted to keep them all! They were such lovely kittens.

Of course keeping the kittens was never an option and when they were weaned we found good homes for them all and reluctantly said our sad goodbyes to them.Mar 09,  · Me And My Pet Cats.

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Contact Author. feed them and photograph them so a pet cat is out of the question. My partner's daughter Louise has a cat called Tabitha (that's a photo of Tabitha) she is so friendly and when we visit she usually jumps on my lap for a cuddle.

So I am not quite completely Reviews: S ince time immemorial human being and animals like cat, fish, bird, and any animals gave lived together. I used to have a very special pet, It is my lovely animal. He was a very cute cat. My friend gave it to me for my birthday. I named him Moch because he was as cute as the bear and also Here is your paragraph on My Pet Cat: Cats are wonderful pets.

They are very cute and sweet and very gentle too.

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I have many friends who have cats as their pets. Cats are bubbly and lively too. I also have a cat as my pet and I love her very much. Advertisements: I have [ ]. Dec 21,  · I Tried Training My Cat To Use A Toilet In 30 Days - Duration: BuzzFeedVideo 1,, views.

Funniest Pets & Animals of the Week Compilation August Kongregate free online game Can Your Pet? - Just try it! cuty pet is waiting for you.. Play Can Your Pet?/5(K). That's our way of saying welcome to Perks.

MyPet offers pet owners the ultimate online resource for pet care, pet health information and pet health solutions and services. Microchipping Your Pet. Dog and cat microchipping is . My Pet Cat Essay 5 ( words) Introduction. I have a black coloured cat as a pet. We call it Brenda. It has short hair and a glossy coat. It is five years old and has been with us ever since it was born. Aug 18,  · How to Bury a Cat. Losing a beloved pet is never easy. Saying goodbye can be incredibly painful. Sometimes, the closure of a burial and funeral can help. If you want to bury your cat, make sure it's legal in your area. Then, choose a 94%().

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