Multimeter essay

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Multimeter essay

The student will also study maintenance human factors which affect aircraft maintenance as well as mechanics privileges and limitations. The students also study basic Multimeter essay which will be in an applied format and will include: Students study aircraft drawings and make drawings of aircraft parts and repairs to aircraft parts.

The students will also discuss and fabricate aircraft fluid lines and fittings and their installation in the aircraft.

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They perform analyses of electrical circuits and determine resistance, current, voltage, inductance, capacitance, impedance and power. In addition students study the use of electrical measuring instruments and basic troubleshooting procedures. The student will perform laboratory experiments relating to electrical and electronic circuits.

In addition they are able to read and interpret aircraft electrical circuit diagrams; to include digital and solid state circuits and logic functions. Students gain basic knowledge and skills in the use of basic mechanics hand tools, hardware and safety methods, In addition the principles of nondestructive testing including eddy current, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant procedures are taught, and the student perform laboratory experiments in these procedures.

In addition the students will study aircraft cleaning and corrosion control methods and techniques. Students will discuss various types of electrical motors and their functions, study inverters, rectifiers and related aircraft power distribution systems system.

They select and install wiring and electrical components, and use of the multi-meter to troubleshoot electrical circuits.

Students inspect, service, and repair engine and aircraft fire detection and protection systems. They will discuss the function and operation of engine internal components and the engine lubricating systems.

Student will inspect and repair engine components in accordance with manufacturers generally accepted procedures. Students will also discuss engine exhaust systems, and engine cooling systems. Students will disassemble, inspect, reassemble and test various engine fuel systems components and fuel metering system components.

In addition propeller systems are studied. They perform maintenance and make adjustments to various propeller system components. Students discuss various engine systems to include fuel controls, oils systems, ignition systems engine instrumentation and monitoring systems, exhaust and reverser systems as well as maintenance and troubleshooting of these systems.

In addition they will discuss airborne auxiliary power units and un-ducted fan systems. Students develop skills using sheet metal tools, laying out parts and forming parts with bending machines. Additionally, students learn to inspect and evaluate honeycomb or laminated structural damage as well as damaged transparent acrylic materials.

They develop skills in removing and repairing damaged honeycomb and laminated structural materials and repairing acrylic materials. Students will also discuss aircraft wood structures and fabric covered aircraft.

Additionally they apply finishing materials and identify finish defects. They learn the operation of flight controls for fixed-wing and rotary- wing aircraft and the application of aerodynamic principles. Students are able to explain the operating principles and basic troubleshooting techniques of hydraulic and pneumatic power systems.

In addition, students will discuss and apply concepts on disassemble, inspection, reassembly, troubleshooting and operationally checking aircraft landing gear systems and their related components.

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Students are able to determine the airworthiness of systems, subsystems, and components by using operational checks, servicing procedures, and inspections contained in approved data.

In addition students will discuss aircraft instrument systems and position and warning systems. The student will also discuss and apply information on aircraft fuel systems to include operational checks.

In addition, the student will discuss the various communication and navigation systems found onboard a modern aircraft. Students will apply all materials learned in powerplant related modules to start, ground operate and troubleshoot various powerplant systems.

In addition, the student will perform a powerplant conformity inspection in accordance with all applicable approved data. They will write condition reports, maintenance records and determine compliance with all approved data.

FAA type certificate data sheets, aircraft records; maintenance publications; and Federal Regulations pertinent to airframe inspections.

Students also develop skills in performing airworthiness inspections on the airframe and its systems, including avionics, instruments and fuel systems.

Multimeter essay

Students will complete a familiarization course on a large transport airframe and its related systems.投稿類別:工程技術類 篇名: 認識三用電表 作者: 張培倫。國立岡山農工。電子三 陳胤伯。國立岡山農工。. Let's start by identifying the different types and versions of the SI board.

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Multimeter essay

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