How to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

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How to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

First Committee of the General Assembly: Disarmament and International Security I. Assistance to states for curbing the illicit traffic in small arms and collecting them The International Community, in the wake of the Cold War, has seen many of its members moving in profoundly different directions.

While many states have prospered in a time that has afforded them both peace and economic growth, others have struggled. Regional conflicts have been brought to the forefront, and many unfortunate and bloody wars are currently being waged around the globe.

Other states, in the aftermath of the Cold War, are currently trying to reform and restructure their governments in an effort to achieve acceptance and active participation in the International Community in both military and economic capacities.

We are also in favor of a strict adherence to the regulations regarding the checking and licensing of parties seeking to purchase weapons or weapons based technologies. In addition, we are committed to seeing weapons transactions across international borders made public and records of those transactions readily available.

Relationship Between Disarmament and Development As the world approaches the dawn of a new millennium, and its peoples enter an era of socio-economic and geo-political uncertainty, we as citizens of the world are blessed with a new age whose tale has not yet been written.

However, with this new age comes the awesome responsibility not to relive nor revisit the terror, carnage, and travesties of this past millennium, more importantly, this past century.

Let the talents of our peoples and the resources of our lands be harnessed and used for the development of economic solidarity not military superiority.

Let our inherent ambition for conquest, as human beings, not be one of land or peoples but of conquering our own intellect in the arts and sciences. May we substitute the continued testing of weapons of mass destruction for the testing of cleaner, cheaper alternative sources of energy, abundant foods, and more effective medicines.

Let our boarders separate us as unique and sovereign nations without letting them divide us as people. As this past century has exemplified, political and social dominance is won through free market enterprise and open trade, not through military conquest.

Let us therefore, embrace one another in our common interest of economic stability and a unified Balkan region structured by democratic principle and solidified through its fair and honorable application.

Let us not enter a new age with an old and archaic mentality.

how to write a mun crisis position paper rubric

Let us seek diplomacy over military resolve in settling our disputes. Let our legacy be the generation that stretched out its hand rather than clenched its fist.

Fourth Committee of the General Assembly: Special Political and Decolonization I. Report on the special committee to investigate Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories As the Palestinian people negotiate with the Israelis for the declaration of an independent Palestinian state, Palestinians living in the Palestinian territory, which is still under Israeli occupation, have become victims of persecution.

Many have been killed by Israeli soldiers or civilians. Others have been harassed, ill-treated or placed under curfews. A number have escaped Israel as refugees.

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According to Israeli there is to be an absolute veto on any refugee return to Israel. As a country that was liberated from communism almost a decade ago, we have had first hand experience of violations of human rights.

After experiencing relief from such oppression, we have come to highly value human rights and desire to promote human rights all over the world. Furthermore, any country that fails to comply with the regulations of the United Nations should be punished with sanctions appropriate under UN rules.

Therefore, it is in our interest that the United Nations becomes involved in this situation and impose appropriate sanctions until either this mistreatment stops or an independent Palestinian State is declared.

Especially in the Balkan region, volunteers are needed to provide various forms of assistance. Relief is constantly needed in times of natural disaster to provide humanitarian relief. At this time we are not able to fully assist its people in times of natural disaster.

In order to fully recover from a communist society, we need all the help we can get from other nation states. Technical cooperation for development is needed to help ease the transition of our people from a communist society to a thriving democracy. Rebuilding cities, businesses, and creating a national highway system are the most important issues at hand for us.

In order for successful volunteer missions many things are needed. The first would be a more secure source of funding for its humanitarian and development assistance missions. We support any resolution and effort that will increase the funding of the White Helmets.

We are willing to work with other member states to acquire and setup additional sources of funding, whether it is through government financial assistance, loans from the IMF and World Bank, the United Nations themselves or philanthropists willing to support the White Helmets.

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We also support any resolution and effort that encourages nation states to sign up willing citizens to become United Nation volunteers in the White Helmet program.

We are also in favor of enhancing in anyway possible United Nation Volunteer cooperation at all levels of United Nation activities.Howie Hawkins Campaign Website, "Restore State Revenue Sharing Funded by Progressive Taxation: The Once and Future Solution to the City's Fiscal Crisis", position paper, October 16, ; Howie Hawkins On The Issues, () Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate, by Howie Hawkins, Haymarket Books, position paper.

As you will see in the examples at the end of this document, there are different ways to write Position Papers, so take this as guide to help you, delegate of C’MUN, in your writing. What is a Position Paper? A Position Paper is a brief outline of a country's policy and .

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NY Position Papers. Please pay careful attention to the guidelines and samples in the NMUN Position Paper Guide when drafting and submitting your position papers. Only those delegations that follow the guidelines and meet the submission deadline will be eligible for position paper awards.

Position papers are a very important aspect of the MUN experience, and the process of developing them prepares you, as a delegate, to participate in your committee. If you have any questions, please contact your Chairs as indicated in the Background Guides.