Hamas a conflict within

The report further said that the military wing of Hamas has declared a state of high alert, evacuating sites and headquarters and even deploying road blocks accross the Strip. Political and human rights activists in Gaza told Haaretz that the atmosphere in the Strip is very grim in light of the humanitarian crisis, some of which involves the non-implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and mutual recriminations between the PA and Hamas over the freeze in talks. Israel conducted a wide scale security exercise in the south this morning. Over the weekend, Israeli warplanes bombed a Hamas military compound in the southern Gaza Strip, after Gaza militants launched a rocket into Israeli territory in the southern front.

Hamas a conflict within

She said Israel has defied international law in Gaza by attacking civilian areas with schools, hospitals, homes and UN facilities. Pillay's remarks came as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sought written pledges of support from all political factions, including rival Hamas, in preparation for mounting possible war crimes charges against Israel, senior officials said.

Abbas hesitated in the past because such a step would transform his relations with Israel from tense to openly hostile and could put him on Hamas a conflict within collision course with the United States.

But with nearly 1, Palestinians killed in Israel-Hamas fighting in Gaza in the past 24 days, according to health officials, Abbas is under growing domestic pressure to turn to the International Criminal Court to try to make a case against Israel.

Harsh words for both sides from UN Israeli officials have said Israel is acting in self-defence by targeting Hamas' military arsenal and rocket-launching sites and have accused Hamas of using Gaza civilians as human shields.

I have seen the catastrophic human cost of this war. According to the latest UN figures, 19 people were killed at the school. Gaza school, mall hit as Palestinian death toll tops 1, "I reiterate my condemnation of this attack in the strongest terms, reiterate also that it was a serious violation of international law and call for accountability, including the immediate launching of a transparent investigation by Israel and to share its findings," he said.

Valerie Amos, UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief co-ordinator, called for daily "humanitarian pauses" in the fighting to help aid reach civilians in the territory. Amos provided the UN briefing with these numbers on the conflict: More than 9, homes in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, according to preliminary reports.

Hamas a conflict within

Two of the three main UN compounds have been damaged. Twenty-four medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed, some hit multiple times.

More than schools and other educational facilities have sustained damage. Gaza's only power plant was struck on Tuesday, destroying the fuel tanks. Hundreds of thousands of people are without access to regular water.

As the conflict entered its 24th day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will destroy the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip "with or without a ceasefire," as the military called up another 16, reservists to pursue its campaign in the densely populated territory.

Facing international alarm over a rising civilian death toll in Gaza, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attending a cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv on Thursday, said he would not accept any ceasefire that interfered with the destruction of militants' infiltration tunnels.

Since then, the campaign has concentrated on destroying more than 30 cross-border tunnels that militants have constructed to carry out attacks on Israeli territory. Israel says most of the 32 tunnels it has uncovered have now been demolished and that getting rid of the remainder will take no more than a few days.

Hamas a conflict within

The new call-up orders to boost the number of reserves taking part in the offensive follow another day of intensive fighting, in which Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers were killed.

It also coincides with stalled diplomatic efforts to end the war and reduced entire Gaza neighbourhoods to rubble. Speaking on condition of anonymity, an Israeli defence official said the purpose of the latest call-up was to provide relief for troops currently on the Gaza firing line.

Why Hamas Needs Israel’s Conflict With Gaza to Explode Again. a reference to the fact that most Gazans descend from towns and villages now located within Israel’s sovereign territory. Hamas Information Department head Salah Al-Bardawil presented the exchange between Al-Zahhar and Al-Rishq as a case of legitimate diversity within the movement, rather than as a conflict. He said that the movement was united under Mash'al's leadership and that . Lebanon: The Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah Conflict Summary This report analyzes the conflict between Israel and two U.S. State Department-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), the Lebanese Shiite Muslim develop proposals within 30 days for delin eation of Lebanon’s in ternational borders.

However, Israeli officials have also said they do not rule out broadening operations in the coming days. Fifty-six Israeli soldiers and three civilians on the Israeli side have died in the campaign, as Palestinians have fired hundreds of rockets at Israel — some reaching major cities — and carried out attacks inside Israel through tunnels beneath the heavily guarded frontier.

The violence has led toGazans leaving their homes. The head of the agency said eight of his colleagues have lost their lives since hostilities began.Hams: A Conflict Within Brief Introduction: Studying religious phenomenon in Arab communities has increased recently due to the public interaction with religious movements, which as a result increased the impact of these groups on various aspects of life; economic, political and military.

The outbreak of a new conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip is “almost a certainty” unless the international community gets . Amid Middle East Violence, Security Council Fails to Adopt Competing Resolutions on Israeli Force, Hamas Role in Conflict; within pre‑ borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Tensions in Gaza bolsters Hamas' ranks with new recruits. Hamas says last summer's war in Gaza has sent many new young recruits their way. The teenaged members believe they'll be ready to fight should war break out again, .

Meanwhile, as Israel prepares for armed conflict, Al Hayat, an Arabic-language London-based newspaper, writes that Hamas' chief Yahya Sinwar has ordered the Gaza-based Islamist militant group on high alert, indicating that war is a “95 percent probability” and it could erupt in hours or within days.

Lebanon: The Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah Conflict Summary This report analyzes the conflict between Israel and two U.S. State Department-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), the Lebanese Shiite Muslim develop proposals within 30 days for delin eation of Lebanon’s in ternational borders.

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