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Grant writing services canada

Aprit 09, Category: Scientific Grant Writing Author: For these reasons, the Specific Aims can be one of the most difficult sections to write. In this article, we provide some tips on structure, content, and organization of your Specific Aims page.

grant writing services canada

The Specific Aims section is central to your grant proposal. Therefore, it should be the first section you write.

You may think of your Specific Aims page as an abbreviated version of the full grant. By having this page written and well-thought out, the remainder of grant application will be easier to write. The Introductory Paragraph In this paragraph, your goal should be to introduce your research subject to the reviewers and quickly capture their attention.

This paragraph should describe the significant gap in knowledge that directly relates to the critical need the funding entity deals with. It should include the following information: In this sentence, briefly describe what your proposal will be about.

Ideally, this sentence should convey a sense of importance or urgency to your research. State what is currently known in the specific field.

This part should not be very long sentences but it should ground the reader in the subject of your research. Provide the reader with only the necessary details to understand why you are proposing the work.

Remember to be concise and focused on only the key points. The gap in knowledge is the piece of information that is not known. Clearly state the gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed.

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Convey that your research will fill this gap using the funding that you are requesting. In the example Specific Aims page we use here See Figure 1the most critical piece of the gap in knowledge has been italicized.

This technique can be useful to emphasize the most important words or phrases in your Specific Aims page. If you choose to use italics or underline to emphasize key points, remember to do so moderately. Overuse of italics or underlining can be distracting.

The critical need is the knowledge hypothesis-driventechnique, new compound, or treatment that you propose to develop.

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This need is important to increase medically relevant knowledge or improve health care. The critical need is the reason your proposal should be funded. Emphasize the significance of the problem you are trying to address.

Additionally, it should be clear in this paragraph that your research proposes the next logical step to advance the field. Below is an example of an introductory paragraph: HTLV-1 encodes a potent oncoprotein, Tax, which regulates important cellular pathways including gene expression, proliferation, apoptosis, and polarity.

Over the years, Tax has proven to be a valuable model system in which to interrogate cellular processes, revealing pathways and mechanisms that play important roles in cellular transformation.

Although the Tax oncoprotein has been shown to transform cells in culture and to induce tumors in a variety of transgenic mouse models, the mechanism by which Tax transforms cells is not well understood.

A large number of Tax mutants have been generated and their biological activities have been thoroughly characterized, primarily in cell culture systems. Currently, a major obstacle in the field is that the transforming activity of Tax mutants cannot be compared using available transgenic models due to random transgene integration sites, variable transgene copy number, and inconsistent transgene expression levels, making it difficult to link the biological activities of Tax mutants with their transforming potential.

Sections of the paragraph have been color coded to highlight each critical component. The Second Paragraph In this paragraph, your goal should be to introduce the solution that fills the gap in knowledge.Grant Writing & Development.

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