Drug addiction and urban social problem essay

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Drug addiction and urban social problem essay

Say no to Drugs and other similar slogans visible on billboards and newspapers are proofs of the social awareness drug abuse has attracted.

Drug related crimes are equally conscience stirring and have made people much over it. We all have relied on the drugs. Our doctors have prescribed for the various diseases, so, how can its use be an abuse. The use of psychoactive substances for obtaining relief from mental tension or physical discomfort i.

For therapeutic uses is legitimate use of drugs. Contrary to this, when used for attaining pleasure or new experiences and consequent physical or psychological harm is termed as drug abuse. Such drug abuse induces drug dependence and ultimately addiction and habituation.

In drug addicts there is enslavement to drugs and compulsion to obtain and consume it by any means. They develop a psychological and physical dependence on the effects of the drugs and an effect detrimental to the individual and to the society.

The abusable drugs are of various types; sedatives or depressants that relax the central nervous systems, induce sleep and provide a soothing effect. Stimulants activate the central nervous systems and relieve tensions, make them aggressive and counteract fatigue.

Narcotics, like depressants affect. The central nervous system and produce feelings of pleasure strength and lesson inhibitions. Hallucinogens produce distortion of perceptions and dream images. Drug abuse has been explained by psychologists and sociologists. It is generally regarded that pleasurable sensations produced by drugs reinforce their use or it satisfies certain psychological needs, or is a response to fear and insecurity to the conditions of modern life, often association with users is also regarded as a reason for accepting drugs.

Drug abuse can also be explained in terms of weakening of social bonds between individuals and society due to maladjustment alienation and noncommitments. A new dimension in drug abuse has been its use by sports persons to enhance their potential beyond humanly endurable limits.

The incident of Ben Johnson was a jolt to the sports lovers all over the world and has caused much thinking on effort to curb the recurrence of such incidents. However, with unfailing regularity such controversies erupt, for example Katrin Krabe.

It would be appropriate here to search for the causes of drug abuse. Among sports persons it can be safely attributed to the search and urge for glory. It can be an attempt to gain an unfair advantage over the others in the achievement orientation of modern society.

The ends have become all powerful and means have been relegated as secondary. The use of drugs among children which is most shocking and astounding can be variously explained.What is an addiction?

What are some signs and symptoms of someone with a drug use problem? How does drug use become an addiction?

Drug addiction and urban social problem essay

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Essay On The Drug Abuse/Addiction And The Society

Listen. When a person uses drugs, it might cause problems at benjaminpohle.com  · It is a social problem and has legal ramifications. It has been given a high profile now and mass media has been disseminating information to educate benjaminpohle.com First, Enjoyment.

Despite all the concerns about illegal drug use and the attendant lifestyle by young people, it is probably still the case that the lives of most young people are centred on school, home and employment and that most drug use is restricted to the use of tobacco and benjaminpohle.com://benjaminpohle.com Mar 20,  · Nowadays, drug addiction proves to be a major and serous social problem.

This problem is rapidly increasing especially in urban regions.

A Study of the Interrelations between Crack Cocaine, Social Environments, Social Relations, Crime, and Homicide among Poor, Young Men in Urban Brazil, Contemporary Drug Problems, 41, 2, (), ().benjaminpohle.com Drug addiction is a social evil. It has been prevalent in society from time immemorial. Words Essay on Drug Addiction. Article shared by. Drug addiction is a social evil. It has been prevalent in society from time immemorial. Family problem has also been attributed to some extent to this problem, particularly in case of tragedy or. Essay on The Affects of Drug Abuse on Society ; Essay on The Affects of Drug Abuse on Society. Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey Abdullah Furkan Kaya İstanbul Şehir University Drug abuse is an addiction, which has different substance types and can.

The teenagers have been victimized by thi problem. Essay on Drug Addiction-A Major Social Problem. Essay on Dowry System; Essay on Child Rights in Nepal.

· The sociological theory of drug addiction proposed by Lindesmith () was based on opiate addiction, although Biernacki maintains that Lindesmith’s definition of opiate addiction was multifaceted, consisting of social, physiological and psychological benjaminpohle.com://benjaminpohle.com Addiction and Society Sociology Professor Trembicki February 22, Abstract Drug addiction is a disease that damages addicts, their families, communities, the economy, and benjaminpohle.com://benjaminpohle.com

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