Dante and ovid essays in intertextuality

It was known to have been used in Ancient EgyptRomeand Greece.

Dante and ovid essays in intertextuality

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Dante and Ovid: essays in intertextuality - Madison U. Sowell - Google Books

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21 books about Ovid.

Dante and ovid essays in intertextuality

Rewriting the Classics in Dante, Boccaccio, and Chaucer Suzanne Hagedorn University of Michigan Press, The Roman Academy and the Commentary Tradition on Ovid’s Fasti offers the first study of the Renaissance exegesis and imitation of Ovid as antiquarian.

Ovid’s poems certainly influenced Dante, as this intertextual moment suggests, however the form in which Dante read them may have been equally as important.

Michelangelo Picone argues that Dante’s use of prosimetrum, the interspersing of prose and poetry, . Catalog Record: Dante and Ovid: essays in intertextuality | Hathi Trust Digital Library Navigation. Home; About. Our Partnership; Dante and Ovid: essays in intertextuality / edited by Madison U.


Dante and ovid essays in intertextuality

Related Names: Sowell, Madison U. Language(s). He is a specialist in the epic tradition of Italian literature from Dante to Tasso and the author and editor of several books, including Dante and Ovid: Essays in Intertextuality and a translation of The Cabala of Pegasus by Giordano Bruno (Yale University Press).

Introduction: From Imitation to Intertextuality Neil Forsyth, University of Lausanne Most of the essays in this book began life as contributions to a seminar at the ESSE conference in Aarhus in August , the goal of Ovid—or whether they were more recent—Dante, Bocaccio, Petrarch, Tasso, the goal was to work within one of the genres.

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