Business customer service unit 2

Prepare to deliver excellent customer service Unit 2 Assessment Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. Please note that this Assessment document has 13 pages and is made up of 5 Sections. InLUSH opened its first location in Poole, England, where are successfully introduced to make and sale products like bath bombs, shampoo bars and massage bars saw the light of day and customers start love it. Competing fresh handmade cosmetics, perfumes Lush Ltd is about passion and iconoclasm, passionate for natural products.

Business customer service unit 2

Task 2 Communication and purpose of promoting a customer-focused culture 2. Hospitality industry is no exception. There are ways of communication which are adopted in different situations. The communication method is broadly divided into two categories: Oral or Listening Communication: This is the most common and widely used method for communicating.

In this method, speaking as well as listening plays a very significant role. The speaker should make sure that he uses simple and easy words so that everyone could understand it and the listener should make sure that he not only hears the words but also understands those Matzler et al, There are different methods of oral or listening communication like: Face to face communication: In this method two individuals are involved and they communicate exclusively to each other.

In face to face communication there are more chances that the message is delivered clearly and understood by the person. It gives a personal touch in the communication which is very important in the hospitality industry. In this type of communication a group of people communicate.

Business customer service unit 2

Everyone gets chance to speak but no one can assure that how many of the listeners are listening carefully and sincerely Nasution et al, This method is helpful only when any point is to be discussed with everyone in the organization. This is a method in which only one person speaks and others listen to him.

After the presentation is over, sometimes the listeners get the chance to ask questions. This method is best used when some important change in the industry is to be communicated to all.

Training is the type of communication, where trainer gives the important information to the trainees. After the session there all get involved in a discussion where everyone is allowed to communicate and put his point Olorunniwo et al, As mentioned earlier, it is best method to communicate about the policies and the required improvements to the staff.

Written communication is the process, in which the facts and the information are typed or hand written. This type of communication process could be helpful when the same information is needed for future reference.

The different methods of written communication are through letters, emails, the training material etc.

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One should be very careful while making any written communication as it will always remain in records for future reference. Body language comes under the non-verbal communication. In any industry or the organizations, half of the work will be done if the staff is able to understand the body language of each other as well as customers.

Many a times, customers also tell their expectations with the help of their body language. But while communicating through body language one must need to be very careful because if understood in a wrong way could lead to negative results Ryu et al, The body language includes hand gestures, head movement, facial expression etc.

The above means of communication can be divided into two categories: The communication is said to be formal when it is done at the officially.Customer Service Knowledge Unit two: Prepare to deliver excellent customer service Unit 2 Assessment Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment.

Business customer service unit 2

The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a USB drive Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly. Btec Business L3 Unit 2 P2/M2 Essay. Words Dec 24th, 6 Pages.


Show More. Introduction: I have been asked to describe the main employability and personal and communication skills required when applying for a job as customer service assistant at JD sports (P2).After that I will assess the importance of employability, and personal.

Unit 2: Customer Service Duties Customer service workers might be assigned to workstations equipped with a telephone, headset, and computer. Alternately, other customer service workers might be in a retail store interacting with customers in person.

Title: Customer service level 2 unit 2 Description: The answers of the unit 2, Customer Service Level 2 qualification. I've been doing this course in UK and all the answered that I provided in this pdf have been approved by my tutor. 2 Outline how business service improvements might be limited by legislation 5 4 Explain individual health.

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