Bad effect of computers

Here are 25 negative effects technology can have:

Bad effect of computers

As designers, we can help dyslexic users read text better by avoiding the bad design practices that hurt them. Seeing things from their eyes can give us a better perspective on why accessible design is so important. When dyslexic users read text, sometimes they can experience visual distortion effects [5].

These effects vary in degree from person to person, but Bad effect of computers can make reading text that much harder. Below are six bad practices that are likely to cause these visual distortion effects for dyslexic users.

These bad practices can also make reading difficult for non-dyslexic users. But the effect they have on dyslexic users is much worse. This is when large gaps occur within consecutive lines of text.

It can look like a river of whitespace flowing down the words on a page. There are a couple bad practices that make the river effect happen. Justified text Justified text is not only difficult to read for dyslexic users, but for non-dyslexic users as well. This is because it creates large uneven spaces between letters and words [8].

Bad effect of computers

When these spaces line up above one another, a distracting river of whitespace can appear [4]. This can cause dyslexic readers to repeatedly lose their place when reading [6].

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You can avoid creating the river effect by using left-aligned text, instead of justified text for your paragraphs [2]. Double spacing after periods Most of us have a habit of double spacing after periods at the end of a sentence. This practice originates from the typewriting days of the past.

Typewriters used monospaced fonts back then. But single spacing after periods is enough because most websites use proportionally spaced fonts.

On the web, single spacing wins.

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Blur Effect Another kind of visual distortion effect that can occur among dyslexic users is the blur effect [1]. This is when dyslexic readers see their text blurring or swirling or together [5]. This can cause the words to swirl or blur together [3].

To avoid this, use an off-white color for your background, like light gray or tan. You can also use a dark gray for your text instead of pure black to cut the glare even more.

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Long blocks of unbroken paragraphs Long blocks of unbroken paragraph text are not only hard for dyslexic users to read, but for non-dyslexic users too. This is because dyslexic users need more breaks between ideas than non-dyslexic users [6].

Breaking up your text to one idea per paragraph makes reading a lot easier for both dyslexic and non-dyslexic users. Washout Effect Sometimes dyslexic users can experience the washout effect.FlexShopper provides a flexible and easy way for you to get the furniture, electronics, appliances and other popular brand name goods with affordable, weekly payments.

The Osborne effect is the negative consequences of a company announcing a future product too long before its actual availability. Customers may cancel or defer orders for the current product, knowing that it will soon be obsolete. Unexpected delays often means the new product comes to be perceived as vaporware, damaging the company's .

Bad effect of computers

Technology offers to make our lives more efficient, yet could that be a bad thing? Tom Chatfield spoke to author Nicholas Carr about the perils of automation.

Bad Effect of Computers. How computers affect our health Can you remember the last day when you haven’t used your computer? Or the last week when you didn’t touch the keyboard?

I’m pretty sure you can’t, as computers entered our lives fast and we are now used to use them every day. All this sounds ok, but I’m guessing you don’t know. Computers serve as a quick and convenient way to get things done.

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For example, you easily can do everything from typing documents, designing slide shows . Computers have revolutionized the everyday access of information, whether for business, scientific or personal use. In the space of 15 minutes, you can buy movie tickets, check the latest sports scores and research different brands of pickup trucks from your home computer.

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