An introduction to the life and art by tupac amaru shakur

I Still wonder why in the name of God you would make such a stupid thread with such a bizarre allusion. All the did was bitch about his status in the company and hold out for more money. I know he was a great?

An introduction to the life and art by tupac amaru shakur

However, the name was altered by his mother, Afeni Shakur while he was still a child. He did and sold many hit records. His music was influenced by his childhood life and covered on various problems and issues in society.

Despite his success in music, he was involved in a number of lawsuits and criminal acts. For instance, he was found guilty of sexual assault, which saw him serve one and half years in prison.

Different reasons have been given for his killing. Tupac was known for his opposition towards societal norms, values and systems.

He promoted such issues such as equality in divided world. However, is there a black Jesus in Tupac Shakur? I would argue that there is a black Jesus in Tupac Shakur. My argument is guided by the acts and lifestyle that Tupac led. When compared to those of Jesus, most are very similar.

They have various similarities between themselves. Jesus through his works and teachings influenced millions of Christians up to today.

Similarly, Tupac through his works also influences and inspires millions of people especially American Black youths. They were both loved by many both in their lifetime and even on and after their death.

Both had or did great works that changed their environments and society at large. During their lifetimes, they had a particular group of people that they in charge of. Both Tupac and Jesus passionately promoted and defended the perceptions and views they had on life.

Both Jesus and Tupac advocated and promoted egalitarianism, which promotes equality for all in the political, social and economic spheres of life. Just like Jesus, Tupac is still a broadly celebrated, adored and controversial individual among most people even after his death.

This is similar to the life Jesus that is celebrated annually through events such as Christmas and Easter. Just like Jesus, Tupac Shakur has managed to receive a cult status.

He has an enormous following especially among the Black American community Dyson, Tupac Shakur has been able to get the following because of the great devotion of his followers who spread his influence through writings, poetry, songs, honors and tributes, celebrations and websites.

They can be compared to the apostles that Jesus had, who helped spread his gospel and view on life.

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Just like Jesus, he was an intelligent and had a significant and different way both story telling and thinking. Due to this, his works in music, writing and acting were very successful Shakur, This has led to the posthumous release of his poetry, music and movies most of which he wrote before his death.

The myths views, acts and occurrences on Tupac directly compare or are similar to those of Jesus. For instance, there is the myth that just like Jesus, Tupac will also resurrect.

Different people believe that Tupac like Jesus will come back to life again. An example of an occurrence that is similar in both is the day of their death.

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Both Jesus and Tupac died on a Friday. Both Jesus and Tupac died young but had immense contributions and impacts in their respective societies. They left great legacies despites their early deaths.

Both Jesus and Tupac died through violent ways. Tupac was shot dead while Jesus was crucified on the cross. Both promoted views that bring about equality in society and the works they left behind are still influencing society up to day.

For instance, Jesus left behind the teaching in gospel books in the bible that are used to teach people up to date. Tupac also left behind many works of art such as poems, movies and songs that are used to inspire different people in the globe.Tupac Poster, Music Artwork, Tupac Shakur, 2pac, Tupac Art, Thug Life, People Art, Hiphop, Amazing Art.

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Other Subject Areas He mentioned Makaveli Records a few times before his death. This was supposed to be a music label for up-and-coming artists that Shakur had an interest in developing or potentially signing, and his own future projects would have been published through it as well.
Find a copy in the library So I will use this form of media to represent schools and prisons.
Tupac Shakur- Shavon Wolfe – Black Music Scholar Contact; Shaba On'' Telephone: The Panther 21 were arrested in a pre-dawn raid on April 2, and charged with conspiracy to blow up the New York Botanical Gardens, department stores, etc.

2-PAC art. Tupac Amaru Shakur. Schoolboy Q Arte Dope Dope Art Artist Art Vector Art Street Art Trill Art Hip Hop Art Urban Art. Versacè Versacè. Tupac Shakur, in full Tupac Amaru Shakur, original name Lesane Parish Crooks, bynames 2Pac and Makaveli, (born June 16, , Brooklyn, New York, U.S.—died September 13, , Las Vegas, Nevada), American rapper and actor who was one of the leading names in s gangsta rap.

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An introduction to the life and art by tupac amaru shakur

Thuggery. from Tumblr. Art Musique Music Artists Hip Hop Artists Hip Hop Rap 90s Hip Hop Tu Pac Nate Dogg Hip Hop Classics Freestyle Rap. Rest in peace.

Linda Barnwell. Feb 16,  · Tupac Shakur represented everything about the culture that people both embraced and demonized, and although he was often vilified and painted as a hypocrite throughout his life, it never mattered to the ones who truly understood. Tupac Amaru Shakur (/ During his time in art school, Shakur became affiliated with the Baltimore Young Communist League USA.

Shakur's life has been explored in several documentaries, each trying to capture the many different events during his short lifetime, Genres: Hip hop.

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